Victoria Anthony


A native of Vancouver - singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Victoria Anthony channels the ups and downs of coming-of-age in real-time with a documentarian’s eye for detail against a soundtrack of shimmering and striking pop accented by rock ‘n’ roll spirit and uncontainable energy. Generating millions of streams, selling out shows and earning critical acclaim from the likes of Billboard, People, Sterogum, OnesToWatch, MTV, Consequence,, Alternative Press, and more (between balancing classes), she might just make you wish you were a teen again.

“I’m a 17-year-old girl who likes to write songs, share her feelings, and run her mouth,” she says. “It’s okay to not know how to feel. It’s okay to be a little crazy. It’s okay to get wild. Embrace it, because it’s a short time.”

She's asserted herself as a songwriter in the studio, co-writing all of the tracks for her 2020 debut album Real Life with top-tier collaborators such as HARLOE [Britney Spears, Sabrina Claudio, Charli XCX], Justin Gray [NCT 127, Dirty Heads], Dyson [ITZY], and more. Throughout 2022, she crafted what would become her next album New Disaster with producer Ryan Worsley [Dear Rogue, Ludic], cementing her signature style with the mixing of her music by GRAMMY® Award winner Tony Maserati [Ed Sheeran, Beyoncé] and GRAMMY nominated Matty Green [Ed Sheeran, Dua Lipa].

“The album is about trying everything for the first time,” she elaborates. “Obviously, the first time hits you the hardest. You’re liking another person for the first time, being in a relationship for the first time, and breaking up for the first time. If everything is new to you, how do you approach it? When you’re 17, you don’t know any better. It’s the first time you’ve encountered any of these situations, so any response is reasonable. There’s an element of fantasy, but it’s based in my reality.